The 30 Day Evolution

$97.00 AUD

  • 30 video lessons (each under 10 min).
  • 30+ Action Sheets (to show you how to apply the lesson immediately).
  • 3 months access to program (so you don't have to rush).
  • 3 months access to Home Practice Head Quarters (a vault of filmed yoga classes, sequences, tutorials and downloadable meditations ranging from 10 to 60 minutes).
  • Private Facebook group (connect with like minded people and support each other in personal evolution).
  • Tracking system (shows how far you've come and which lessons you've done).
  • 30 Day Guide Book (Downloadable and easy to print for the old school like me who like to take pen to paper).
  • Personalised Yoga Lifestyle Blueprint (to keep you practicing long after the program is finished).
  • Mobile friendly (so lessons can be done anywhere).
  • All delivered with sincerity, love and enthusiasm.

What People Are Saying:

“I have been lucky enough to experience Morgan’s 30 Day Evolution and make some amazing changes in my life. Over the 30 days, I had a lot of fun and felt thoroughly inspired. It’s a surefire way to bring crystal clear clarity to your life, your hopes and your dreams. The essential ingredients? An inspiring community, plenty of opportunity to reflect and, most of all, Morgan’s deep knowledge of Ayurvedic principles delivered in a way that makes it impossible not to make use of!”

Dr. Laura Lum - Psychologist, Nutritionist

“I never would have believed the changes I experienced were possible! From someone that always ate late, went to bed late, felt so tired every morning, snoozed alarm as many times as possible and used to feel stressed all day with no energy... then I did the 30 Day Evolution. Well, little by little , day by day then week by week, Morgan introduced me to a new way of life. I am so much calmer and more grounded, I procrastinate so much less, more gets done and everyone is happier. I can see now why Morgan’s Evolution is called that. I cannot thank Morgan enough for leading me down this path which I knew is where I wanted to go but didn’t have a clue on how to get there.”

Virginia Kemp - Mother, Business Owner

“Morgan’s 30 Day Evolution was one of the best things I’ve ever done for my health. After years of trying ‘revolutions’ and ‘challenges’ which gave me a temporary boost, Morgan helped me to introduce sustainable changes into my life that are still fundamental to my every day life a year later. I have never felt better.”

Shannon Harvey - Producer, The Connection Documentary

“The results! TWO different people in different social circles have approached me and told me that something about me ‘seemed so relaxed lately’ (which is CRAZY for me to hear) and that I was ‘glowing’ and asked what has changed. I wanted you to know how much I feel I have ‘evolved’ and how inspired I am to continue on this journey. I truly feel like yoga is going to become a much bigger part of my life from here on out. I’ve committed to filling my fridge with more fresh fruit and veggies and preparing this stuff in advance for the week so that I don’t end up grabbing stuff on the go all the time. I really liked when you made it simple. Thank you so much. Truly!”

Hanna Lane Thorson - Lawyer, Supreme Court of New South Wales

“Thank you Morgan for your knowledge and abundant positive energy! The Yoga Lifestyle course showed me there is so much more to yoga than a series of poses. During the 30 days I learnt how to make subtle and practical adjustments to my awareness that replaced fatigue and anxiety with calmness, strength and harmony. Perhaps the most powerful aspect was the positive unintended consequences in my personal relationships. I’m so grateful for the guidance in forming sustainable habits and am already feeling the results.”

Nikki Brown - Single Mother, Professional

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I am a qualified Yoga Instructor, Health Coach and EFT Matrix Reimprinting practitioner. I help you commit to simple healthy habits. I help you stay accountable to your wellness goals. I provide you the information and the guidance to cultivate healthier daily habits. 

I am NOT a licensed health care provider outside of remedial massage. I do not engage in patient diagnosis or the practice of medicine. If in doubt, please ask for clarification. 

I do my utmost to make it clear when I am offering an opinion and when I am delivering facts. If you are unclear during your coursework with me, your responsibility is to ask for clarification. 

If you have questions regarding your pharmaceutical prescriptions, herbal prescriptions or other medical advice, see your doctor. 

Morgan Webert, 

Yoga Instructor, Health Coach, EFT Matrix Reimprinting Therapist


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  • I understand parts of the course may be recorded and shared with participants who cannot make it to the course and in the future.
  • I am consenting on my own behalf and responsible for all actions I take based on information provided in this course.